Dr. Denis O. Lamoureux, the University of Alberta's "expert on origins", claims to have "overwhelming evidence"1 for evolution... but this emperor refuses to show us his clothes. Why doesn't he publish or post on his web site a description of the experiment that proves evolution? Why doesn't he overwhelm us with his evidence instead of promoting evolutionism by attacking the Bible?

This little website is here to point out to Dr. Lamoureux's students and lecture audiences that he is unwilling and unable to present evidence that can withstand scrutiny. With several examples, we will show that Dr. Denis O. Lamoureux uses devious techniques of argument to promote his evolutionist philosophy.

Also, his attempts to undermine the credibility of Scripture cannot go unchallenged. So even though we know that they are "red herring" arguments intended to distract us from his evolutionist agenda, we will respond to his examples of imagined errors in the Bible.


  1. With apparent sincerity Dr. Lamoureux often insists that he has "overwhelming evidence" for evolution. But like the fabled emperor of old, his earnestly delivered assertion attempts to obscure an embarrassing deficiency ...