About Copyright

This is a difficult issue for this novice website creator. At first I tried to contact the websites whose photos and illustrations I wished to use on this site. Some do not give an email address and of those that do, only one responded to my request.

The emperor cartoon, was first produced by a prominent political cartoonist who was kind enough to respond to my request. He told me that his material is very often used by other people who neither ask permission nor compensate him for his work. In fact, he said that mine was the first request that he had ever received. He allowed me to use his cartoon, but asked that I not reveal his name because he does not endorse my creationism. He said that it would be hypocritical to refuse the only person who asks. I sincerely thank him and hope that, for his kindness, he is rewarded with knowledge of the truth.

I've come to realize that there are an enormous number of photos floating around in cyberspace and many of them appear in many sites. Often the site where I find an image does not own it and hence cannot give permission for its use. The ownership of many (most?) photos and illustrations has been lost. Also, most images are not copyrighted; does that mean that anyone may use them? I want to do what is legal and what is right.

I've decided to use the images then again, where possible, contact the sites from which they were taken. If the holder of a copyright objects to our use of their image, I will remove the image from this site. Hopefully that policy is acceptable and "right".